Neelam Patel

London, UK

"My art comes from a point of curiosity, sometimes from a story or intriguing subject, other times wanting the immense beauty in everyday objects and places that get overlooked. Or simply, I get immersed in learning a new skill or technique and then the outcome is just as much of a surprise to me as it is to the viewer.:

"My work takes direction and shape from nature and the environment around me, I am forever collecting objects and things that sometimes are incorporated into my work or are simply just sources of inspiration."

VI Faces

Wood, 3 sides painted, 1 side natural patina

H. 80 x w. 21 x d. 14 cm

Available to purchase

DSC03077 (1).jpg

Isobel Higley

Bristol, UK

Combining traditional ceramic methods with light-hearted illustrations, Isobel Higley creates work that explores fantasy worlds and imaginary creatures. Promoting positivity and wellbeing, these cute figures are playfully named Spirits. This unique body of work has been exhibited and published internationally.

The Weatherman


H. 14 x w. 20 x d. 18 cm


Julia Clarke

London, UK

Working across sculpture, drawing and weave, Julia Clarke's work has its roots in the traditions of craft materials, while drawing upon her background as a sculptor. Evoking simplicity and minimalism in the gestures and movement of her hand, her work seeks to connect natural materials and shapes created in the city and world around us. The abstract nature of her work produces sculptures that explore spatial compositions and play with balance, texture, colour and the space that they inhabit.


Double Loop

White willow

H. 165 x 95 x 27 cm

Available to purchase

Please note, this piece is displayed outside for the duration of the exhibition but for long-term display would suit perfectly for a sun room or interior display

Julia Clarke White willow double  loop 1650 x 950 x 270 mm £700.jpg
DSC03090 (1).jpg


London, UK

Quiromanu's practice focuses on thrown and altered sculptural ceramics with hand built elements. His multilayered projects convey an imaginary narrative of the human condition, exploring fictional mutations around identity and incorporating concepts from cosmology and Deep Time. His methodology follows intuitive processes to create semi abstract expressive sculptures and drawings often mysterious and symbolic, aiming at exploring the interior space of the vessel as a reference to prehistoric caves and a representation of an enclosed telluric space evoking geological strata, ritual objects and the evolution of living forms. 

Lunar Cave I

Black stoneware

H. 26 x w. 40 x d. 16 cm

Available to purchase

Lunar Cave I - Black Stoneware -  26H x 40W x 16D - £900 + VAT.jpg
Constellations-2022-RedClayEarthenwa re-27X27X31-£650-Mariasole-Giglio.jpg

Mariasole Giglio

London, UK / Naples, Italy

Mariasole Giglio is a London-based ceramist who draws her inspiration from the natural world. The connection with the environment of her hometown Naples, Italy, influences her work as she translates interlaced pathways of rivers, trees and stone into vessels of art.

These vessels are hand-formed through coiling to capture the flow of nature. This allows her to create works of art that evoke a sense of ancientness and spirituality while pairing beautifully with the natural environment.


Red clay earthenware

H. 31 x w. 27 x d. 27 cm

Available to purchase

John-Eric Johnson

London, UK

"I strive to produce ceramics for everyday use be it functional or decorative. Having studied painting clay has now become my canvas and I try to pay as much attention to the decoration as to the form of my works."

"A keen gardener, I’m fortunate to have my studio surrounded by the plants that I love which are a constant source of inspiration."

"Clay has always been a consistent part of my life from the time I picked up my first lump of stoneware in art class during secondary school. 

On my arrival from Canada in the late 80’s to the UK I worked in the Interior Design sector/retail. I returned to full time ceramics within the last 20 years and have my own studio in Blackheath."


Conical Hand Coiled Stoneware Plant Pot

Dry blue glaze, planted with a standard bay tree & underplanted with Tradescantia Zebrina

H. 38 x dia. 38 cm

Available to purchase


Hand Coiled Stoneware Rectangular Plant Pot

White tin glaze, planted with a standard bay tree

H. 36 x w. 30 x d. 35 cm

Available to purchase

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THROWN je4.jpeg

Maria Alvarez Echenique

London, UK

"Nature and the environment are constant influences on my work. My inspiration for this outdoor installation comes from the beautiful, fierce and fascinating natural environments around us."

“Cosmic Circles” explores the circle as a form found in nature: we find circles in so many flowers, seeds, plants, in the rings in a tree’s growth… Sometimes circles are shaped by the wind, by the waves and by the actions and touch of animals, including humans. Circular rhythms lie deep within the cycles of life and often appear in cosmological imagery."

"The discs are made using the Nerikomi technique (a way of combining colour clays akin to marbling) forming unique designs and patterns using the contrast between black clay and colour porcelain. The patterns of Nerikomi are formed organically, which puts them close to many forms in nature.

All nerikomi black clay and coloured porcelain, dia. 25 cm:

(Second line - Left) Cosmic Circle 1

Available to purchase

(Second line - Right) Cosmic Circle 2

Available to purchase

(Third line - Left) Cosmic Circle 3

Available to purchase

(Third line - Right) Cosmic Circle 4

Available to purchase

(Fourth) Cosmic Circle 5

Available to purchase

installation 2_ Maria A. Echenique.jpg
1-Cosmic Circle-Side A-2019-cerami cs-25cms-£260-Maria A.Echenique.jpg
4-Cosmic Circle-Side A-2019-cerami cs-25cms-£260-Maria A.Echenique.jpg
3-Cosmic Circle-Side A-2019-ceramic s-25cms-£260-Maria A .Echenique .jpg
2-Cosmic Circle-Side A-2019-ceramic s-25cms-£260-Maria A. Echenique .jpg
5-Cosmic Circle-Side A-2019-cerami cs-25cms-£260-Maria A.Echenique.jpg

Daniel Heath

London, UK

From Daniel Heath Studio's British Botanical Slate Collection ~ conceived at home during lockdown, this collection is an ode to local flora and materials.

A new surface and design collection by Daniel Heath Studio designed and made during lockdown 2020. Daniel drew and sketched many plants from his garden as a form of direct inspiration. Working with reclaimed London roof slate from a local salvage yard in Wanstead, each individual slate tile was delicately laser engraved within a couple of miles from the site, with a new imagery style Daniel developed while in isolation. 

Daniel Heath Studio designs, makes, and sells handmade interior items rooted in a responsible approach to materials and craft making. Started by the unique hand-drawn illustrations of Daniel Heath, in 2007, the studio philosophy is deeply connected to narrative-led design and considered material selection.

Engraved slates are also available for bespoke commissions and can be engineered to exterior or interior spaces. Contact Thrown to find out more.


Yarrow: British Botanical (Large)

Reclaimed slate

H. 140 x w. 30 cm

Available to purchase