LaKrista Morton

Northumberland, UK

"The Birch Collection stems from testing and building an intuitive understanding of silver birch ash as a material. Each piece is finished in a glaze which features a minimum of 30% silver birch ash and only one to three additional materials to allow for a focus on the quality and essence of the ash. It is a collection to reflect the different seasons of birch and other flora that are often found on their branches and intermingled with their roots."

"Working with different wood ashes that I collect and source myself, I aim to create tactile, varied surfaces on functional ceramics. By using the ash from my woodstove and the ash generated as a bi-product from a local wood-fired pizza business in my glazes, I make use of a humble material that would often otherwise go to waste. I use slow, systematic methods like tri-axial and line blends to test simple combinations of materials to identify the proportions of each which best illustrate the qualities of the ash. Through this careful, methodological approach, I work to create surfaces that retain a natural spontaneity and that have a quiet, reflective quality."

All stoneware finished in silver birch ash glaze:

Ling, h. 7 x dia. 10 cm


Winter Birch, h. 9.5 x dia. 7 cm


Catkin, H. 8 x dia. 8.5 cm

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Sphagnum, H. 8.5 x dia. 14.5


Lichen, H. 8.5 x dia. 12.5 cm



Sue Gunn

London, UK

The shifting landscape of the world,  whether as a result of natural phenomena or the impact of man’s action, is the inspiration for the Earth Collection. High fired porcelain is combined with fractured and bubbled glazes which evoke images of dried and crumbled earth, lava flows and coastal erosion.

Glazes have been developed over time, involving many tests and experiments and include natural oxides and minerals to create the surface textures. 

These hybrid forms combine the sculptural with a functional aesthetic and can be used as holders for beeswax ritual tapers. 

Mudslide Candelabra

Paper porcelain with cracked glaze

H. 25 x w. 36 x d. 18 cm

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Joanna Terry

East Sussex, UK

"Grasslands was created at the end of last summer in one of the regenerated fields by my studio. The fields were planted with support from Sussex Lund to stem the decline of traditional grasslands in the High Weald AONB. The Lund support projects that improve the ecology and landscape of this exceptional medieval landscape."

"Damp clay is prepared then taken onsite into the landscape where a section of the meadow is rolled into it creating a negative image of the rich plant life. Wheat, grass and meadowsweet have been printed in this work. The plants are carefully lifted out to avoid damage then the clay is Taken back to the studio where I create a plaster cast that gives me the positive image of the flora. The liquid parian porcelain paper clay is then poured onto the cast and the tricky job of removing and forming the sheets begin."

"Once formed the vessels are high fired, free of setters to allow the nature twisting and turning of the porcelain clay.  As if the vessels are still in the landscape they are free to move as they wish."

Grasslands (2021)

Parian paper clay on found wood

H. 25 x w. 67 x d. 24 cm

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4) Regent Magpie, 2021, pencil drawing with hand embroidery, framed size 40x28.5cm, £800,

Susannah Weiland

London, UK

"I am a mixed media artist who combines tonal pencil drawing with delicate hand embroidery to create one-off pieces of art. My drawings are printed onto fabric, and then I meticulously hand stitch fine colour detail, embellishing the birds, insects and other wildlife while retaining the monochrome drawing as the background. I hand stitch using a combination of matt, silk and metallic machine embroidery, thereby creating fine detail and texture."

"This collection of work is inspired by the wildlife in six of the Royal London Parks."

Recent Magpie

Pencil drawing with hand embroidery

H. 28.5 x w. 40 cm



Get into my life Mother Earth 1&2, 2021, Paper porcelain and beeswax, Jenny Williamson.jpg

Barbara Sulzberger

London, UK

"My work is largely process driven allowing the clay to determine the final form. My focus is on simple and clean forms but may combine two contrasting materials within a single piece or use a grouping of vessels with varying finishes to reflect ambivalence and the conflicting emotions or beliefs we may feel as a reaction to a single event or situation. "


"I work largely in porcelain, adding stains and oxides to the clay body for colour and leaving the final pieces mostly unglazed with a polished, smooth and tactile surface. Whilst some pieces are thrown and finished on the potters wheel, in my “Bubble” series I have explored slip casting techniques."

(Top)   Bubble 1

Slip-cast porcelain, glazed interior, unglazed and polished exterior

H. 9 x w. 11 x d. 10.5 cm

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(Bottom)   Bubble 2

Slip-cast porcelain, glazed interior and exterior

H. 9 x w. 11 x d. 10.5 cm

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Jenny Williamson

London, UK

Jenny Williamson is an early career visual artist, based in London and originally from Scotland.


Primarily using clay in their work; a material that binds us to the earth, to our bodies and to both past and future civilisations. Their work is fuelled by instinct, the restless nature of mother earth, science fiction and creating forms as an extension of their own bodily experience.

Mountainous porcelain form jubilant blooms, celebrating life cycles and the richness of nature.

Get into my life Mother Earth I & II

Paper porcelain, beeswax

H. 28 x dia 13 cm / h. 12 x dia. 7 cm

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Casey Moore

East Sussex

​The spark for Casey Moore’s ongoing photographic series 'But For the Wisdom' started in 2018, when he happened upon a verge on the side of a road overflowing with wild flowers. A few days later he went back and shot his first meadow. It wasn’t obvious at the time as to why he shot this as a double exposure, but in hindsight it became clear that this was the way to capture the riot of life and beauty he found in that meadow.  


But For the Wisdom fully immerses the viewer in an abundance of impossible detail. The freedom in the process - Moore doesn’t see the final image until he has developed it in the darkroom - comes across in the final shot. The two compositions overlap and layer, reverberating an energy that is particular only to nature. They, quite literally, teem with life.

Erigeron #1

C-type print on paper, framed

H. 68 x w. 54 cm

Edition of 10

Available to purchase

Erigeron #1.jpg

Anna Simson

Stroud Valleys, UK

Exhibiting work from two series:


A small body of work in response to Gaia’s creatures, habitats and formations, often hollow with a sense or sound of loss or what is left behind. Fingerprint scales leave traces of human touch; both positive and negative; grasping yet sometimes nurturing. Sounds echo in their internal voids. The forms create their own ecosystems that exist in time. Each piece fits in the human hand, small enough to be held, large enough to be noticed and easy enough to be cast aside.


The discovery of seedpods in my garden, and especially during my travels throughout the world, have inspired my own ceramic versions of these phenomena and bring the natural world into my home. Each ceramic pod has a contemplative, therapeutic quality giving a calming aesthetic and when gently shaken each one has its own unique rattling sound. The pods are fired in a “dustbin” firing using organic compostable materials and oxides to create a range of colours and textures.

Anna Simson has worked with clay for over 20 years, through a combination of self-taught and evening classes. Finally deciding to formalise her passion, she completed a Masters in Ceramics from Bath Spa University graduating in 2018. She works in both porcelain and stoneware making sculptural and functional ware. She lives in the Stroud Valleys, Gloucestershire.



Hand-built ceramic with glaze

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Seedpod I

Hand-built ceramic, smoke-fired

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Seedpod II

Hand-built ceramic, smoke-fired

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Zuleika Melluish

London, UK

Zuleika Melluish has always immersed herself in the decorative arts with particular fascination in the Arts and Crafts movement, and Persian painting, craft and pottery. 

In 2021, she began a project at OmVed Gardens, Highgate, documenting the different months of the garden in a collection of paintings and ceramics.


Celestial Bodies

Graphite on paper, framed

H. 54 x w. 35 cm

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(Bottom Left)

Blue Wild Carrot

Hand-built porcelain with cobalt oxide

H. 32 x dia. 8 cm


(Bottom Right)


Hand-built porcelain with cobalt oxide

H. 33 x dia. 8 cm

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